English lessons: Learning online vs Learning in person 線上學習 VS 面對面學習

Learning online and learning in person are both great methods to learn English.

With both methods:

  1. Your teacher can answer any of your questions right away during the lesson.
  2. Your teacher can correct your mistakes right away during the lesson.
  3. Your teacher can help you customize your own learning plan.
  4. You use your own time to do your homework and discuss the homework with your teacher during the next lesson.
  5. You can have conversational lessons with your teacher to improve your speaking skills.

But, did you know that learning online also comes with the following benefits?

There are many lesson time slots available. You can schedule lessons to match your own schedule.

There is no need to commute. You can learn from the comfort of your own home.

With only a few hours a week, you can easily learn everything you need to know about English.

Learning English online is as easy as having a video chat.

You are just a few clicks away from experiencing your first trial lesson.

Click here to schedule your trial lesson.




  1. 你的老師可以在課堂中即時地回答你的問題.
  2. 你的老師可以在課堂中即時幫助你改正你的錯誤.
  3. 你的老師可以幫你打造專屬於你的學習計畫.
  4. 你可以利用自己的時間做功課,並且在下一堂課當中和老師討論功課.
  5. 你可以上對話課程讓老師幫助你加強你的溝通技巧.


課表上有很多可以安排課程的時間. 你可依照自己行程表方便的時間來安排課程.

完全不需要花時間在交通上面. 你可以在自己家裡舒適的環境當中學習.





May 26, 2020
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