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    Tyre fitting typically involves several steps and services to make sure that a fresh tyre is properly installed and balanced on a car. The specific process may vary slightly depending on the service provider, but listed below are the common steps involved with tyre fitting:

    1. Removal of the old tyre: The technician will start by detatching the old tyre from the wheel rim. This is usually done using specialized tools and equipment.

    2. Inspection: After the old tyre is removed, the technician will inspect the wheel rim for just about any damage or corrosion that could affect the installation of the new tyre. They’ll also check the valve stem for proper functionality.

    3. Mounting the brand new tyre: The technician will mount the brand new tyre onto the wheel rim. This is done carefully to make certain the tyre is seated correctly and aligned with the rim.

    4. Balancing: After the new tyre is mounted, the technician will balance it. http://www.mobile-tyre-fitting.com involves attaching small weights to the wheel rim to counterbalance any irregularities in the tyre or wheel assembly. This helps prevent vibrations and ensures a smoother ride.

    5. Inflation: The technician will inflate the new tyre to the recommended pressure levels specified by the vehicle manufacturer. This ensures optimized performance and safety.

    6. Valve replacement: If necessary, the valve stem may be replaced with a new one to ensure proper air retention.

    7. Torqueing: The wheel nuts or bolts are tightened to the correct torque specification to secure the wheel assembly.

    8. Inspection and final checks: The technician will perform a visual inspection of the installed tyre, ensuring that everything looks proper and you can find no visible issues. They could also conduct a brief test drive to ensure the automobile handles properly and there are no unusual vibrations.

    It’s important to remember that tyre fitting services could also include additional options or services, such as tyre disposal, wheel alignment checks, or valve cap replacements. The specific inclusions may vary based on the service provider and any extra services you request.