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    Novel – Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School – Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

    Chapter 1757 – We’ll Know Who Can Win lively nose

    Mingzhe said nothing. Zhang Zikai wouldn’t impact their activity after all.

    “So what? She already approved it. Losers are invariably from the bad.” Mingzhe didn’t feel that he acquired performed nearly anything incorrect, and needed it with no consideration.

    “Look at its permit plate amount. It’s from Metropolis B”

    She considered that he was only a standard competition drivers, but unexpectedly he was specialist and even served in the established staff.

    “Right! It expenditures at least twenty million yuan!”

    “It’s great,” Gu Ning said airily.

    “To enjoy the race,” said Zhang Zikai at once. She was concerned with Gu Ning, but appeared quiet on the outside.

    Moreover, Gu Ning asserted that she was self-assured to gain, so Zhang Zikai made a decision to believe her.

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    At 7:30 pm, Mingzhe with his fantastic close friends arrived at the entry ways in the twisting hill road at Fushan. There have been four of them in every.

    Mingzhe claimed almost nothing. Zhang Zikai wouldn’t influence their match all things considered.

    At 7:30 pm, Mingzhe and his friends arrived at the entry from the twisting hill roads at Fushan. There are four of them in most.

    “Gu Ning? Is she the prominent Gu Ning?” stated one of quite a few in the area boys who had been shelling out exclusive focus to them, when he observed Zhang Zikai get in touch with Gu Ning’s title.

    “No way, isn’t that the exclusive edition Lamborghini?”

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    Your car migrated very quick, so other individuals were not able to start to see the driver from it. Everyone’s eyesight observed the Lamborghini, trying to puzzle out who was on the inside.

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    Other people who didn’t know Gu Ning were also greatly amazed, mainly because she was a younger female. Consequently, many people who endured in close proximity to them talked about whether to start a discussion together. These were style and just interested in her car or truck.

    Also, Gu Ning claimed that she was self-assured to earn, so Zhang Zikai made a decision to are convinced her.

    Contemplating that, Zhang Zikai was even more nervous.

    Not all abundant guy drove a lavish automobile in excess of ten million yuan. Besides, regular vehicles weren’t akin to sporting events autos.

    “Zikai, are you aware who he is? He’s a specialist rushing driver within an authorized workforce. He has won a lot of crucial rewards well before. Do you consider Gu Ning can conquer him?” Mingzhe smiled with disdain. His att.i.tude indicated that he considered that they are able to gain.

    Mingzhe paid him for your competition, while he was really a specialist race vehicle driver after all, and that he wouldn’t guide Mingzhe without cost. He was the cousin of Mingzhe’s companion, rather than Mingzhe’s own personal cousin after all.

    “You’re shameless and disgusting. I’ll hang on to determine you kneel, kowtow, and say you are sorry thrice when in front of Gu Ning!” mentioned Zhang Zikai. Although she was worried about Gu Ning, she should still shield her.


    The twisting mountain highway at Fushan was really a specialised motorsport competition path, mainly because it was much more interesting to get a auto race on this page compared with a toned circuit, nonetheless it have also been considerably more dangerous. Thus, the person who originated to possess a competition was required to signal a contract ahead of time. Irrespective of what incidents occured in the online game, the motorists were required to take responsibility themselves.

    It was actually quite a hazardous activity all things considered and incidents could easily come about. In the event the number were forced to take responsibility, it couldn’t remain afloat.

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    Viewing Gu Ning being so calm, Zhang Zikai experienced comforted.

    “We’ll know who could gain,” reported Zhang Zikai.

    “Mingzhe, you’re a real awful coward. Due to the fact you need to hold the competition with Gu Ning, why don’t you do it yourself. How do you choose another individual for aid?” Zhang Zikai laughed at him.

    Seeing Gu Ning getting so relax, Zhang Zikai experienced comforted.

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    She thought that he was just a typical racing vehicle driver, but unexpectedly he was specialized and also provided within the recognized workforce.

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    People who didn’t know Gu Ning were actually also greatly amazed, due to the fact she was really a younger female. As a result, some individuals who withstood near them brought up if you should start a interaction together with her. They were sort and simply keen on her car or truck.

    “So what? She already approved it. Losers will always be on the completely wrong.” Mingzhe didn’t think that he experienced done everything improper, and had it for granted.


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    The twisting mountain highway at Fushan became a professional motorsport competition track, as it was much more fascinating to enjoy a auto competition right here in comparison with a toned circuit, however it have also been much more hazardous. Hence, the person who got to create a race were forced to indicator an agreement ahead of time. Regardless of what accidents took place through the game, the owners had to assume responsibilty themselves.

    Pondering that, Zhang Zikai was much more concerned.