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    Novel – MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master – MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master

    Chapter 223 – The Academy arrogant trip

    I Lost the Leash of the Yandere Male Lead

    Then Ethan elevated the million buck dilemma ” Just what exactly do u consider coaching them “.

    Ethan imagined for some time , well before expressing ” Precisely what do you really imply using a academy? “.

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    I am going to personally put together digital textbooks and notes . I am going to also personally arranged a instruction regiment exam for those pupils , one should make it happen regiment compulsorily for 3 times one week , to build up reflex and muscle tissue remembrance.

    Ethan nodded , he had a lot on his plate at this time , nevertheless he still consented to guide Rudra for this one , he guaranteed to create a society-class premises in the next 20 times.

    Rudra uncovered the bit of advice to possess merit as a result he arranged promptly.

    Ethan nodded while he mentioned ” great idea , have you considered the faculty? “.

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    Rudra was available for this particular dilemma since he claimed ” I prepare to develop a extensive course.

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    But contradictory phrases became available of her mouth area ” guild chief Shakuni is actually a dignified gentleman , he won’t oogle over most women , primarily no undesirable elf like me, he was possessing these types of a fun time having with the PinkLotus young lady. “.

    The maids surrounded princess Ruby , whose encounter was as red like a tomato . Right after the frequent teasing in the maids , she obtained finally confessed that she does possess a smash on guild chief Rudra.

    Rudra explained in any severity ” I wish to determine an academy for recruiting and coaching on the Elites , I want university students from 18-21 age range to enroll . I will give them a stable income gauranteed career as a part of the guild as soon as they become a member of “.

    Maid 2 explained ” of course , of course , you happen to be most beautiful girl I have got ever seen inside my lifestyle , he will definitely as if you back again “.

    Rudra responded ” I want to make a college , however, for hiring in the Correct Elites. You will find three key lessons provided :-

    B) Elites combat training

    Ruby blushed within the remark , her center was very happy to learn such ideas. She wished to listen to more of it.

    Maid 4 ” What PinkLotus , it’s basically a unclean plant in the muddy pond , while you are a white Lilly during the wide open plains “.

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    A) Elites way of life course

    Then Ethan lifted the million money issue ” Just what exactly do u intend on educating them “.

    Rudra identified the suggestion to obtain value consequently he agreed upon without delay.

    Ethan considered for some time , ahead of indicating ” What exactly can you signify by a academy? “.

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    C) Elites Logistics course

    The maids all trim her away from ” Nooo , he is sightless of he can’t watch your attractiveness , not alone oogle , he should end up with eye for yourself “.

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    Then Ethan elevated the million money issue ” Just what exactly do u intend on teaching them “.

    Rudra found the tip to own worth for this reason he concurred promptly.

    Ethan nodded , he appreciated the purpose , though the approach had lots of problems , he said ” People who find themselves decent people is probably not necessarily be great instructors , all people may not have the skills to bridegroom individuals. For me , we can seek the services of profesional Assistant teachers , they will create the lectures and do the coaching , while Elites can concentrate on the sensible approach of factors “.