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    Wonderfulnovel 《Cultivation Online》 – Chapter 246 Picking Up Yu Rou tent private recommendation-p2

    Novel –Cultivation Online– Cultivation Online

    Chapter 246 Picking Up Yu Rou rat axiomatic

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    Yuan logged over video game shortly afterwards.

    “Certainly, what’s the matter?” Yuan stopped developing and responded.

    “Yuan, do you find yourself alert?” Meixiu requested him just after entering into his home.

    A lot of minutes in the future, Yu Rou came to the Golden Phoenix Bazaar, and she proceeded to face away from the avenue to wait for Feng Yuxiang.

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    “Moreover, I spoke with Feng Feng, Yu Rou. I advised her regarding your situation, and she’s currently visiting Phoenix arizona Area to decide on you up. She also stated to wait patiently on her within the Great Phoenix az Bazaar.”

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    Whilst Yu Rou visited satisfy Feng Yuxiang and Meixiu wandered around to find her position, Yuan remained in the real world to grow. At present, his goal was to increase his cultivation as quickly as possible making sure that his human body could recover more quickly, and this man still possessed a few days prior to the Interior The courtroom disciple examination.

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    After Yuan logged away, he could immediately experience two position around him.

    “Incidentally, I spoke with Feng Feng, Yu Rou. I told her regarding scenario, and she’s now on the way to Phoenix, az Location to pick you up. She also stated to hold back on her for the Glowing Phoenix az Bazaar.”

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    Regardless of the desperate shouting from down below, Feng Yuxiang dismissed it and expected Yu Rou, “Red Pearl Community, proper? If you head to the Teleportation Device three places aside, we get through to the location in just a day.”


    “By the way, I spoke with Feng Feng, Yu Rou. I shared with her concerning your scenario, and she’s at present on the way to Phoenix, az Location to choose you up. She also said to wait patiently on her behalf in the Wonderful Phoenix, az Bazaar.”

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    [You possess learned Tang City]

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    “So long, Buddy Yuan.”

    A while down the road, Yu Rou moved in to the 3rd bed room to setup her unit whilst Meixiu went into her own space, both of them entering Farming On the web once they were ready.

    “I don’t know man. You feel I should?”

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    The guards had been greatly shocked by her look, as Feng Yuxiang’s whereabouts had been mysterious for some time now!

    Meanwhile, immediately after coming into the video game, Yu Rou started out doing her way to the Fantastic Phoenix az Bazaar.

    “I see. I’ll just let Feng Feng know the moment she’s concluded assisting Yu Rou.”

    “What?! How to find you occupied with, Madam Feng? Maybe we can help you!”

    Feng Yuxiang looked over the folks swarming them a nonchalant manifestation in her encounter, and she spoke a second afterwards, “I am just occupied with other issues, so no, I won’t be returning.”

    While Feng Yuxiang and Yu Rou manufactured their way towards Red-colored Pearl Metropolis, Meixiu wandered across the place until she could see metropolis wall surfaces inside the range.

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    “Don’t concern yourself with it. I recently have below.” Yu Rou responded.

    In spite of the desperate yelling from directly below, Feng Yuxiang neglected it and requested Yu Rou, “Green Pearl Area, proper? As we visit the Teleportation Device three towns and cities gone, we arrive at the location in under on a daily basis.”

    [You possess identified Tang Community]

    Whilst Feng Yuxiang and Yu Rou designed their way towards Red Pearl Area, Meixiu wandered surrounding the vicinity until she could see town wall structure within the long distance.

    “Sure, what’s the challenge?” Yuan discontinued developing and responded.

    “I am just inside of a location named Tang Metropolis.”

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    “I am in the spot named Tang Area.”