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    Outdoor spaces offer ample room for creativity. Help your garden from average to amazing with flower pot ideas that range from practical to surprising.

    Flower pots are standard gardening equipment. Together, flower pot size, shape, texture, and color help define your backyard space, balcony, or patio and add personality and presence. Gardeners are able to use the landscape’s natural slope and curve to help determine how and where to step not in the flower pot norm.

    You could go traditional which has a simple clay flower pot, but obviously any good traditional design offers some creativity after a little DIY ingenuity and creativity

    Flow using a River of Flowers

    The nearest river, stream, or waterfall might be miles away, but one can continue to grace a garden. Pots don’t necessarily must house the flowers. Spilled flower pots work as a vessel to have an idea, which they do when laid on his or her side because the starting point for the flower river. Combine this concept having a rock river, plus a landlocked garden turns into a colorful “water” feature.

    Craft Colorful Creations with Painted Flower Pots

    A flower pot arrangement featuring pots in several colors can set a layout or brighten the backyard. Even solo handcrafted or painted flower pots can add pops of color to a plants or plants that may not bring brightness using their blooms. Combine or coordinate overall for pots that make an attractive statement.

    Broken Flower Pots Make a Scene

    Need flower pot tips for leading porch? These broken flower pots develop a self-contained whole world of miniatures. Nearly everyone is made for use with succulents of numerous shapes and forms. These pots tell an account that sparks conversation and fun. Children (and grandchildren) take particular love a world tinier than them.

    Wow with a Wooden Flower Pot

    Wooden flower pots usually include (or are inspired by) repurposed wine or water barrels. Store-bought models are made instead of repurposed, however they still bring a sense of old-world charm and natural textures and colors. A wooden flower pot offers a lot of space for flowers, shrubs, or herbs.

    Try These Hanging Flower Pot Ideas

    A garden trellis or converted wooden garden station offer vertical space that may otherwise go unused. Hanging flower pots also can affix to existing fencing in order to “greenify” and extend the overall look in the landscaping. Use unique pots in coordinating colors, or put money into matching clay pots for any neutral colors to tie together a mix of plants.

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