Prepare for TOEFL 準備托福 – A Lesson Plan

What is a lesson plan? 課程計畫是什麼?

Think of the lesson plan as a customized course syllabus, which includes an outline of subjects/topics that the teacher and student will cover for upcoming lessons. This is not like a general course syllabus that you might see in a typical school class. The difference here is that this course syllabus is customized just for you, the student. Every one of our students will have their own lesson plan.
把課程計畫想成一個客製化的課程大綱, 也就是包括了老師和學生在未來的課程當中會涵蓋的所有會學習到的重點. 這並不是你在一般典型學校中會看到的一個普遍的課程大綱. 客製化課程的差別就在於這個課程大綱是專門只為了你而準備的. 我們的每一位學生都會有獨一無二且適合自己的一個課程計畫.

Here is a sample lesson plan for a student that is preparing to take their TOEFL test:

Prepare for TOEFL 準備托福


  • Have lessons twice a week.
  • Regular lessons and TOEFL lessons will be taught interchangeably throughout the entire learning process.
  • Use TOEFL sample test materials to prepare for the exam.

First lesson of the week: Regular Lesson
每星期中的第一堂課: 普通課程

  • Grammar: explain grammar rules, give examples about grammar to help students understand grammar better, do writing and verbal exercises.
    文法: 解釋文法規則, 提供使用文法範例來幫助學生更容易了解文法, 以說和寫的方式來做文法練習題.
  • Reading: read articles, stories, translate from English to Chinese.
    閱讀: 閱讀文章, 故事, 把文章及故事從英文翻譯成中文.
  • Speaking: practice how to talk about a story in English, practice speaking about various topics and questions.
    會話: 練習如何用英文講述一個故事, 使用多樣化的話題以及問題來和學生做對談的練習.
  • Listening: improve listening skills while having conversations with the teacher.
    聆聽: 學生可以在和老師對談的過程當中, 學生可以聽到老師講的話題以及問題來增進聆聽的能力.
  • Writing: well-written article examples provided, assign topics for students to practice writing essays.
    寫作: 提供優良寫作範例, 給學生不同的寫作題目當做功課來練習寫文章.

Second lesson of the week: TOEFL Lesson
每個星期中的第二堂課: 托福課程

  • Reading: read articles from TOEFL sample test, translate the article into Chinese, summarize the article, tell the story without looking at the article.
    閱讀: 學生閱讀和托福考相關的文章以及故事, 把文章翻譯成中文, 在看不到文章的情況下,試著做一個文章的總結.
  • Speaking: teacher asks students questions from TOEFL sample test, student is timed and needs to answer the question in a certain amount of time, student’s answers will be recorded and replayed to help student make corrections.
    會話: 會以托福模擬考的方式問學生考試相關的問題, 學生在作答時會被計時以及錄音, 錄音檔之後會回放給學生聽, 便可以讓學生知道有哪些地方需要糾正以及改善.
  • Listening: teacher reads articles from TOEFL sample test for students to listen and take notes while listening, student repeats the story after the teacher has finished reading.
    聆聽: 老師念和托福考試相關的文章給學生聽, 學生在聽的同時可以做一些筆記, 聽完之後會請學生重述一次剛剛聽到的內容.
  • Writing: assign various writing topics from TOEFL sample test for students to write essays as homework, send finished essays to the teacher via e-mail before the next lesson, teacher reviews the essays before the lesson, discuss the essay with the student during the next lesson.
    寫作: 指定各種和托福寫作相關的題目給學生當做功課, 請學生利用自己的時間在下一堂課開始之前把文章寫好並使用e-mail寄給老師, 在下一堂課當中便會討論學生寫的文章是否有需要糾正或者改善的地方.
March 22, 2020
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