How do I pay using bank wire transaction? 如何使用ATM匯款購買課程?

Please make your bank wire transaction to:

E. SUN Bank

Bank code: 808

Bank account number: 0163-979-153251

If you are an existing customer and would like to purchase lessons using this method, then please message me the last 5 digits of your bank account number via LINE after you have completed the wire transaction. If you are not an existing customer, then please send me a message via the Contact page first, and I will provide you with my LINE ID.


1 English lesson: $22.00/lesson (50 minutes)

1 English trial lesson: $5.00/trial lesson (25 minutes)

10 English lessons: $20.90/lesson (5% off)
Total: $209.00

20 English lessons: $19.80/lesson (10% off)
Total: $396.00

30 English lessons: $18.70/lesson (15% off)
Total: $561.00

Pricing is shown in US dollar.



銀行代碼: 808

銀行帳號: 0163-979-153251

如果你已經成為在網站上學習的學生,並且希望以此方式購買課程,請在完成匯款動作後將你匯款帳號的後五碼透過LINE傳訊息給我. 如果你還未成為網站上的學生,請先點選聯絡,透過此方式和我聯絡後,我將會提供你我的LINE ID.


1堂英文課: $22/課程 (50分鐘)

1堂英文試聽課: $5/課程 (25分鐘)

10堂英文課: $20.90/課程 (九五折)
總計: $209.00

20堂英文課: $19.80/課程 (九折)
總計: $396.00

30堂英文課: $18.70/課程 (八五折)
總計: $561.00


May 27, 2020
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