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We accept payments via credit card (VISA/MasterCard/AMEX), PayPal, and bank wire transaction.
我們接受VISA, MasterCard, AMEX信用卡, PayPal, 和ATM匯款.

Category: Billing

Please make your bank wire transaction to:

E. SUN Bank

Bank code: 808

Bank account number: 0163-979-153251

If you are an existing customer and would like to purchase lessons using this method, then please message me the last 5 digits of your bank account number via LINE after you have completed the wire transaction. If you are not an existing customer, then please send me a message via the Contact page first, and I will provide you with my LINE ID.


1 English lesson: $22.00/lesson (50 minutes)

1 English trial lesson: $5.00/trial lesson (25 minutes)

10 English lessons: $20.90/lesson (5% off)
Total: $209.00

20 English lessons: $19.80/lesson (10% off)
Total: $396.00

30 English lessons: $18.70/lesson (15% off)
Total: $561.00

Pricing is shown in US dollar.



銀行代碼: 808

銀行帳號: 0163-979-153251

如果你已經成為在網站上學習的學生,並且希望以此方式購買課程,請在完成匯款動作後將你匯款帳號的後五碼透過LINE傳訊息給我. 如果你還未成為網站上的學生,請先點選聯絡,透過此方式和我聯絡後,我將會提供你我的LINE ID.


1堂英文課: $22/課程 (50分鐘)

1堂英文試聽課: $5/課程 (25分鐘)

10堂英文課: $20.90/課程 (九五折)
總計: $209.00

20堂英文課: $19.80/課程 (九折)
總計: $396.00

30堂英文課: $18.70/課程 (八五折)
總計: $561.00


Category: Billing


Yes. If you are a Mandarin speaker, then I can teach you from the very beginning using both Mandarin and English.
可以. 如果你的會說中文,我便可以使用中文教你英文.

Category: General

Lesson Packages

Yes, we offer discounts on these lesson packages: 10 Lessons, 20 Lessons, and 30 Lessons.
有的. 我們提供折扣的課程方案有: 10堂課程方案, 20堂課程方案, 30堂課程方案.

Please visit the Purchase Lessons page to find out more.

Category: Lesson Packages

Scheduling & Cancellations

Click on Purchase Lessons on the Home page.


You will see different lesson packages.

Pick a package that you’d like to purchase.

Once you’ve purchased a lesson package, you will have lesson credits in your account.

You will then use your lesson credits to schedule lessons.

Click here to learn how to schedule a lesson.

After you purchase a lesson package, you will receive an Order Receipt e-mail.

Open the Order Receipt e-mail and look for the Certificate Code. This code contains the lesson credits for the lesson package you purchased.
在電子信箱中打開訂單收據並找到Certificate Code. 此序號含有你所購買的課程方案的課程點數.

To schedule a single lesson, click the Schedule link in the e-mail. You will be redirected to the scheduling page.
在電子信箱中點Schedule的連結來安排課程. 你將會被導覽到安排課程的頁面.

Confirm your Certificate Code, select your time zone, then click Set time zone.
確認你的Certificate Code, 選擇你的時區, 接著點Set time zone.

A calendar will appear.

Select a date and a time slot, then click Continue.
選擇一個日期和一個時間, 接著點繼續.

The next page is the Student Profile and Terms & Conditions page.

Fill out your information, checkbox “I have read and agree to the terms above,” then click Complete Appointment.
完整填寫你的資訊,勾選“我已閱讀並且同意以上的條款,” 接著點完成預約.

The page will show that you have scheduled your lesson successfully.

You can cancel, reschedule, edit your profile, or schedule another appointment on this page. Or, you can close this page.
你可以取消, 重新安排, 編輯你的檔案或者在這個頁面上安排另一個新的預約. 你也可以關閉此頁面.

You will also receive an Appointment Scheduled e-mail.

Remember to mark the lesson date/time on your calendar.

In your appointment confirmation e-mail, you can cancel or reschedule the lesson by clicking Change/Cancel Appointment.

You will be redirected to your appointment confirmation page on the website.

You can click Cancel or Reschedule on this page.

To attend an online lesson, you will need the following:

  1. Zoom video chat software (download from https://zoom.us/).
  2. Zoom meeting link.

After you’ve scheduled a lesson, please let us know how you would like to receive the Zoom meeting link.

Before each lesson starts, we will send you a unique link to the Zoom meeting via Line or via e-mail.

When it is time for the lesson to start, copy and paste the Zoom meeting link into your browser.

You will be directed to the Zoom meeting, and the lesson will start right away.



  1. Zoom視訊軟體(在https://zoom.us下載).
  2. Zoom會議連結.




你將會被導向Zoom雲端視訊會議, 課程將會馬上開始.

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